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It's been a few months since the release of my album UNIVERSAL STRANGER and I'd like to take this opportunity to give heartfelt thanks to all of you who have listened, bought, watched, streamed and/or downloaded the album so far.


Universal Stranger


'A great listen from start to finish. So many of the shimmering chiming guitar tracks on offer are brilliantly infectious'

Americana UK

'Charming and lyrically mature, Universal Stranger sees Jon C Butler ruminating on the state of the world and furrowing his own path. Rather than beat you over the head the songs caress.'

Fireworks Magazine

'There is an immense pleasure in allowing the songs on Universal Stranger to warm the bone marrow. A highly accomplished veteran with hints of a Memphis soul troubadour Butler deserves a resounding thumbs up.'

Emerging Indie Bands

'Nobody, I mean Nobody, writes songs like these."

Chris Kimsey, Producer

The debut single from the album 'A Little Misunderstanding' was released on 14 April 2017 and second single 'Ghost In My Heart' followed on 23 June 2017. The album was released on 28 July and 3rd single 'When The Walls Went Down' will follow on November 10. 

Have a listen to the FULL ALBUM below. 

NEWSFLASH........   Following the release of Universal Stranger and the positive feedback I've received from everyone about the songs on the album (and the accompanying ltd edition CD 'A Backward Glance') I'm delighted to announce that Strataville have re-packaged some of my earlier albums and have scheduled them for release on November 24. The albums are all undiscovered classics, of course! MORE INFO SOON


As I was writing and recording the songs for the album a subconscious theme running throughout eventually revealed itself. It was a big ask - to somehow make our private peace resonate elsewhere and try to get where we all could, and even should, be.

I know it's a truism, but apart from a handful of people who we really know & understand, we are all strangers to each other - even though we're probably closer in the basics than it feels.

We're all primarily driven by the same fundamental need to breathe, survive and make some sense of our life. But there's always a part of us that remains us. A part seen by no-one else. Which is as close to a definition of the human soul as I think anyone will ever get.

I'm sure most of us, given the opportunity, would also like to do some good in the world. After all: culture, intelligence, history, race and belief all course through our collective souls.

I also wanted to make the songs sound clear but fearless and let friendly production principles offer up twists and turns just to keep things lovingly awkward. "

You know how it is?

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Jon C Butler's Universal Stranger. Released 28 July 2017



Here's a few words about the songs on Universal Stranger.
Best read while listening to the album of course!


1) When The Walls Went Down

A sonic shoot along the decades since the Great Society. Well, my take on it at least. Wonder if we could have got things together better than we have?

I certainly think it’s a possibility but you never know. Maybe this actually is the best we can do! So, if you need a memory prompt, this song can help ease you into it.

2) Each Other

A folk song really. I bet it wouldn’t seem out of place at Aldermaston strummed on nylon strings. It chugs and bounces along with serious intent.

3) A Little Misunderstanding

There has been a misunderstanding hasn’t there? I mean we all know it isn’t meant to be like this and maybe there should be a reassessment of the deal. Stay away from that crossroad if you have to make a choice.

4) The Man Who Wouldn’t Love

I heard this phrase spoken and it stayed with me. I love listening to crafted tunes and this one is my offering in that department with the use of major sevenths and the general piano base of the song. It’s a redeemed blues sentiment in a way.

5) Universal Stranger

Written after a stay in a northern capital city. I like harmonies to be part of the sound as if they are an instrument themselves. This may come over like it's directed at an individual but its also yours to pick up and apply where necessary.

6)  Birmingham

There is more than one Birmingham on the planet and this is a spoonful of chords wrapped around a tale of escape and new beginning. Should be a book really, but I like to stay within the four-minute zone with metaphors and confessions.


7) Ghost In My Heart

Tried to arrange this in that mid-seventies style that briefly ran parallel to dear old punk.

I mean at the same time as safety-pin chic there were a few great records coming over from the East Coast which seemed to want to use quite uplifting vocal techniques married to a driving beat.

This is the album's respectable song in a way that is self-evident after a couple of listens.

8)  In The Wishing Well

It may be that whole lives are lived inside the wishing well! If that’s the case with others then it’s the case with me.

Don’t get me wrong it's not so bad down there. But it has its limitations and reality is a good teacher.

9) Mr Rock n Roll

OK, OK. I know! But have a good listen because whilst it’s a familiar tale in a familiar format it does carry experience. It’s a bit of a lark and I can handle a lark!

10) The First Stone

Who's going to throw it? Some of those rocks can cause more damage to the thrower than the target.

11) Would Have Should Have

It's an attempt at dealing with the past in order to let it go and move along. An attempt is just that and not a definite route out but it’s a clear enough retrospective.

And in case you were wondering this is how it reflects back to me.





Jon C Butler (aka John Butler) is a writer and singer from leicester, england who first came to attention with the classic album 'shakespeare alabama' by diesel park west at the dawn of the nineties.

With a particular awareness of the beauty and richness of sixties American west coast rock n roll, the band were responsible for a clutch of highly invigorating albums from 1989 to 2011.

Butler is acknowledged as being a writer who has always furrowed his own path delivering songs that seem wilfully not to pander to the norm and yet display an easy charm and clarity.

Jon's back catalogue - scheduled for release on November 24 - seems set to confirm him as a song-writer and performer we should take note of because such individuals are worthy of our interest and just might provide a soundtrack to give us food for thought.



Praise for Jon C Butler

Not only is he a great songwriter, but a commercial one to boot.

— Nick Duerden, Q magazine
Butler’s album contains all the high calibre material that we’ve now come to expect.

There’s no other current British artist who integrates the pivotal elements of exquisite songwriting and laudable performances into such appealing packages.

A rare talent that has gone unrecognised for too long. Quintessential listening.
— Rich Wilson, Record Collector


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